Why timber frame?house


In Scotland 55% of newly built homes are timber frame, whilst in the rest of Britain timber frame housing accounts for 15% of new housing starts according to recent NHBC figures but this figure is on an upward trend as contractors see the benefit of this form of construction.

house2Speed is vital in any construction process and this remains one of timber frames main attractions. A structural shell can be erected from slab level and made watertight within 5 days for a typical town house.

Frame is less dependent on other trades taking brickwork out of the critical path and on the weather conditions offering 30% less construction programme and faster return on your investment.

Each project is fully designed and engineered and with lightness of structure can offer savings in the ground.

Greater control of costs with fixed price for the structural shell and ancillary materials

Better build and quality and reduced call back due to reduced amount of water used in construction technique

Timber frame complies fully with all latest requirements of the Building Regulations and NHBC.


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